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Private Jet Services For The Sports & Entertainment Industry

Why Athletes and Artists Need A Dedicated Aviation Solution For Their Travel

As a leader in the private aviation industry, Ex Jets provides Private Jet Charter Services, Individual, and Corporate Membership Solutions, Consulting and Acquisition Services to clientele globally.

Ex Jets services clients from all backgrounds and industries from corporate executives, high net worth individuals (HNW), ultra high net worth individuals (UHNW), tech executives and more. From small businesses to large enterprises, Ex Jets provides its expertise to a very diverse group of clientele.

Now more than ever, the Sports and Entertainment Industry is utilizing private aviation as their preferred method of travel due to its ease, convenience and reliability. Commercial airlines continue in their battle to return to pre-covid levels of stability within their operations and scheduling, which has slowed down many travelers with delays and cancelations. Unfortunately, it has become the new normal.

As an athlete, artist, or entertainment executive, there are hundreds of events that require attendance and many times these events are scheduled or booked only a day or two in advance and sometimes even more short notice leaving the client with limited travel solutions. The main problem that these clients face is a lack of flight availability last minute and no direct routes to the final destination. Additionally, these athletes and artists may require specific departure times that airlines do not service, such as a 12:00 to 3:00 AM departure window that we see very often. Commercial airlines, simply cannot compete with these specific requests.

Choosing The Right Aviation Solution

More often than not, we receive calls from multiple individuals requesting the same flight itinerary for the artist or athlete. These individuals typically are apart of the clients inner circle and reach out to anyone they know who have any connection to the private aviation industry to help with the principals request.

Why is this a problem?

Athletes and artists usually fly last minute (usually planned two days or less from departure) which with the current high demand for charter services, leaves them scrambling to secure adequate aircraft solutions to fulfill their mission.

Additionally, the majority of artists, athletes and their management do not have the proper contacts with a reputable aviation company who has the ability and expertise to quickly source the perfect aircraft for their request at any time of day or night. Not only do reputable companies like Ex Jets provide expertise and professionalism, we also provide our clients with the safest forms of private jet travel. Too often we receive calls from athletes and artists' management requesting our help to salvage their trip because they did not work with a reputable company or the aircraft they were placed on had issues which prevented them from taking off- cheaper is not always better in the aviation industry.

Ex Jets has cultivated strong relationships with the management teams of professional athletes and major artists from all around the world. Our relationships are built on trust and delivering the highest quality product for our clients on every trip and is why we are the preferred and trusted solution for many. The safety and privacy of our clients is our top priority.

Why Our Clients Choose Ex Jets:

  1. Flexibility: Fly on your own terms. Determine when you'd like to depart and out of your preferred airport.

  2. Ultimate Aircraft Access: Fly on Premium Aircraft with the laser focus on your safety.

  3. Custom In-Flight Dining: Catering curated to your specific needs.

  4. Privacy: Arrive through private terminal or directly to your aircraft upon arrival with complete anonymity.

  5. Reliability: Avoid delays and commercial airline cancelations at crowded airports. Fly with confidence when you book a private jet charter with Ex Jets and our experienced team of aviation advisors.

Working with the right private jet provider saves you Time, Money and Headaches.

Our expert advice will always be to do your due diligence and work with a company that can deliver on your requests with the highest standards of service, professionalism and safety. Moreover, you want to work with a company who is honest with you and gives you the truth instead of false promises that are thrown around too often. The relationship between the client and the right private jet provider takes time to build - Let Ex Jets be the perfect flight solution for all of your aviation needs.

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