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Corporate Jet Membership

Our business jet membership is designed for frequent corporate flyers who value convenience, flexibility, and reliability. Our program offers all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the high costs and maintenance responsibilities. Our clients enjoy access to a comprehensive fleet of aircraft, personalized flight scheduling, and a full suite of luxury amenities. Whether it's for short domestic trips or long-range international travel, our program is the ultimate solution for busy executives seeking a stress-free and efficient way to travel.

Elevate Your Business Travel

Access a world of new business opportunities. Getting your executives where they need to be on time with the ultimate convenience and comfort.


Access within 12-Hour Notice

Preferred Fleet of Aircraft 

ARG/US Platinum/Elite, Wyvern Wingman, ISBAO  Stage III

Guaranteed WI-FI On Board

Executive Ground Transportation

Premium Catering

Two Authorized Users

Round-Trip Discount

Deicing Discount

Sliding Departure Flexibility

Carbon Offset Program 

One Way Flight Deals

*Wi-Fi feature will vary based on aircraft and domestic/international flights. 

Availability window may vary with high travel demand/current events.

*Call out times may vary on peak travel periods if not booked in advance.

Assessing Your Mission Profile

We take the time to assess your business travel requirements so that you are matched with the perfect aircraft solution for every trip. We recognize that each company is unique, so we tailor solutions that work best for you. Attention to detail and getting to know you is what sets us apart. Whether you need a light jet for a quick meeting or a large cabin aircraft for coast to coast and international travel: Ex Jets provides the solution to streamline your corporate travel schedule.

Corporate Flight Department 

Acting as your dedicated corporate flight department, we handle all aspects of your travel, from scheduling and coordinating with your office to arranging ground transportation and catering. This allows you to focus on the important matters at hand while we handle the rest. Our hands on approach means that our clients can travel with ease and confidence, knowing that every detail has been taken care of.

Unparalleled Access

As a trusted and reliable partner in business aviation, our membership program offers access to the most extensive fleet of aircraft available, with a focus on convenience, flexibility, and safety. Our commitment to excellence and operational integrity means you can trust us to provide you with the highest quality service on every flight.

Corproate Jet Charter - Ex Jets
Corporate Jet Charter

 " Excellent in all respects. All inquiries were addressed promptly and professionally. The flight was organized efficiently and with all of our requests fulfilled. Always a seamless experience. "

Chief Executive Officer, San Francisco, CA

Versatile Fleet of Premium Aircraft

A global network providing the perfect aircraft solution for every flight from short to long haul. Members have the flexibility to choose and experience all aircraft types and classes.

Business Jet Membership - Ex Jets
Business Jet Membership - Ex Jets

Invest in Your Corporate Travel

Discover how we can transform the way you travel for business.

Initial Investment


Annual Membership Dues


*Initial one-time payment of $44,950 and annual fee of $14,950 starting on year 2 of membership anniversary.

Optional Deposit of Funds

Signature members have the option to deposit a fully customized amount of funds into a secure separate account based on their anticipated flying requirements.

Complete Flexibility and Control

With customized funds on deposit, you retain complete control over your travel budget. Adjust your deposit amount at your convenience, ensuring that your travel requirements align perfectly with your financial preferences.

Fully refundable     
Funds never expire

Held in a secure account
Funds withdrawn on trip by trip basis

Monthly statements

Add to account at any time

The Signature Advantage

Optimize your travel and maximize your productivity by accessing multiple cities within one day and airports that commercial airlines cannot reach. Direct flights to more destinations both domestically and internationally. Reserve your travel in 3 steps: Request your trip, review your options, and confirm flight. We will schedule your itinerary and handle all the logistics surrounding your trip.

Maintain efficiency while flying by preparing for meetings and continuing your work in the air or take some well deserved rest and relaxation. Our corporate membership is a strategic tool for your business. Allow Ex Jets to help you reach your company goals. 

Business Jet Charter - Ex Jets
Privacy. Security. Efficiency
Corporate Membersip Purchase

Submit your request for membership and one of our membership advisors will be in touch shortly to complete your purchase.

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