Signature Series Membership

A membership solution designed to provide exclusive benefits and full flexibility for both personal and corporate use with no minimum hour commitment.


Guaranteed Access with 36-Hour Notice

Guaranteed ARGUS Platinum/Wyvern Rated Aircraft

Complimentary Catering On All Flights

Complimentary Ground Transport 

Guaranteed Wi-Fi*

Exclusive Members Only Flight Deals 


Dynamic Pricing

*Wi-Fi feature will vary based on aircraft and domestic/international flights.
*Availability window may vary with high travel demand/current events.

Initiation Fee


Annual Fee Year 2


*Initial one-time payment of $17,500 and annual fee of $8,500 on year 2 of membership anniversary.


Becoming a Signature Member

Pay a one-time initiation fee
Membership Activated 
Access our preferred fleet of aircraft and start utilizing member benefits instantly

Our Signature Series Membership is the premier solution for those looking to maximize their travel experience. A truly effortless booking process, communication and transparency along with the highest quality safety and service standards in the industry.


Your personalized experience awaits when you purchase your signature series membership.