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Private Jet Acquisition Services

Challenger 300 Jet Purchase

Consulting for Private and Business Aircraft Purchase

Ex Jets provides the professionalism and expertise to help you navigate your aircraft acquisition with ease.

Working with high net-worth individuals, businesses and families, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your travel requirements to determine the perfect aircraft type for purchase.


Preliminary Evaluation and Identification of Aircraft

Our team conducts an in-depth analysis on your current mode of travel, what your requirements will be and what you want from your acquisition. There are many options to choose from and it is crucial to select the perfect aircraft that will suit your specific needs and wishes.


Market Analysis

Our team conducts research on the available aircraft in the market as well as off market to determines potential options that meet the requirements  and criteria of the buyer.


Letter of Intent

Upon identifying the desired aircraft available for purchase, we will help the buyer present a written offer. Followed by  a visual inspection and a purchase agreement to outline terms and costs.


Pre Purchase Inspection

A level III pre buy inspection will be conducted at a certified facility prior to closing on the aircraft to identify any issues and provide a full technical report for further review. 


Aircraft Acceptance and Closing

Once inspection results are received, registration and financial documents will be presented for closing.

Gulfstream Jet Purchase
Purchase Private Jet
Private Jet Acquisition

Your Best Interests At All Times

Purchase Gulfstream Jet

We take the time to understand your needs, budget and desires when purchasing your first aircraft or upgrading to a newer model or size. Your best interests are at the forefront of the entire acquisition process with transparency, communication and honesty.

Our team will guide you through the process of acquiring your private jet every step of the way. 

There are many steps to acquiring an aircraft and Ex Jets has the industry connections to provide the most experienced professionals with legal, tax and financial representation for your purchase.

Private Jet Acquisition Service
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