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Ex Jets Partners with Leading Aviation Risk and Safety Auditor

BOSTON, MA | APRIL 04 2023

Ex Jets is proud to announce that we are continuing our unwavering commitment to client safety by officially becoming a Wyvern Broker. With our already strict guidelines for booking the highest quality aircraft for our clients, we have decided to partner with Wyvern to provide real-time data verifying that our operators, crew and aircraft are meeting the highest global standards for aviation safety by utilizing a PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) report for each trip.

Ex Jets utilizes our aviation expertise and strong industry relationships to provide our clients with the safest and most up to date aircraft within our preferred network. Since our inception, we have been committed to working with only the highest safety rated aircraft verified by global industry leading safety auditors. Now, we will be able to utilize Wyvern data platform: Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES) to provide our clients with accurate data on the aircraft, operator and crew they will be flying with.

ABOUT WYVERN: WYVERN Ltd is the leader in aviation safety risk management and training. Building on its 30-Year reputation for delivering value to the aviation community, WYVERN ensures operational excellence through its flagship WINGMAN and Flight Leader Programs. WYVERN’S EXACT Program is a comprehensive and professional safety certification program for UAS End-Users and Operators. WYVERN’s Safety Leader Training CourseTM provides the education and training that enables professionals to skillfully achieve operational excellence in any aviation organization.

" Ex Jets is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of service and pride ourselves in knowing they are without a doubt flying on the safest aircraft in the skies. We are excited to continue our commitment to excellence with our OnDemand Charter, Membership and Consulting Solutions now in partnership with Wyvern LTD. "

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