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Ex Jets Announces Partnership with Prestigious Real Estate Agency BonteFilipidis™

Ex Jets Private Aviation

BOSTON, JUNE 30, 2023

Ex Jets is excited to announce our strategic partnership with BonteFilipidis™, a prestigious luxury real estate agency based in Lisbon and Ibiza. This unique collaboration marks one of the first-ever partnerships between an aviation company and a luxury real estate agency, aiming to provide Ex Jets' esteemed clients and signature members with exclusive access to exceptional properties in Europe through the BonteFilipidisTM Private Collection.

As Ex Jets continues to arrange private charters for clients traveling from the U.S. to Europe, the partnership with BonteFilipidis™ opens up a world of extraordinary opportunities. Clients will now have access to a private collection of villas, estates, and apartments available for purchase and short-term rentals in the highly coveted locations of Portugal, The French Riviera, Spain, London and more.

The decision to form this strategic partnership was driven by the shared values and visions of both companies, emphasizing bespoke experiences and meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to excellence. With this collaboration, Ex Jets will be able to offer our discerning clientele a dedicated team of real estate experts in Europe, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

Our partnership with BonteFilipidisTM is an exciting step forward for Ex Jets. We believe that by joining forces, we can enhance the overall travel experience for our clients. Whether they are looking for a luxurious vacation home, a sound investment opportunity, or a temporary retreat in Europe, our collaboration ensures they have access to the finest properties in the most sought-after locations.

The strategic partnership between Ex Jets and BonteFilipidis™ sets a new standard in the industry, bringing together the expertise of two esteemed organizations to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience for clients seeking private jet charter and luxury real estate solutions.

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