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Private Jet Charter

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Why Private Jet Charter Demand is Here To Stay

The pandemic created an incredible increase in demand for

Private Jet Charters worldwide. Commercial airlines were severely

lacking with service, staff shortages and cancelations among many

other operational issues.

Customers turned to Private Aviation to avoid the problems they

were facing flying commercial and to ensure they had safe and reliable

transportation to get to where they needed to be.

Now that the pandemic is over, Private Jet Demand remains strong throughout

the United States. Although there has been a slight decrease from the peak of

the demand due to inflation and economic uncertainty, demand is still strong

and for good reason. Customers no longer want to deal with setbacks with their

travel and are prioritizing their comfort, safety and time over what commercial

operations have to offer, even if it means spending a premium for the service.

Companies of all sizes and executives have thrived while utilizing private jets as a

business tool and make up a large portion of the consumers of private jet travel.

With the increasing need for optimizing efficiency within corporate travel and

the continued successes and growth of businesses worldwide, the need for

Corporate Jet Charters has become an increasing necessity.

The Advantages of Flying Private

New customers who entered the Private Jet Charter and Private Jet

Purchase market saw a way to travel without hassle, worry of any

widespread cancelations and with security.

Flying Private has become the preferred mode of travel for customers

worldwide due to the ease of entry and reliability when working with a

proven Private Jet Provider. With the ability to fly within only a few hours

notice, Private Jet Travel is here to stay and we'll explain why.

Here are three main benefits of Chartering a Private Jet:


Flying private buys you time that you would have otherwise lost while traveling on a commercial airliner. When Chartering a Private Jet, you are able to schedule a departure time for when YOU need it. You are in control of when you want to arrive at the airport and when you need to be wheels up. There is no more building your schedule around the inconvenient hours of commercial aircraft operations - You are in total control of your valued time.


When chartering a private jet, you are able to bypass crowded security terminals and either have your vehicle pull right up to

the aircraft on the ramp or walk through the FBO and get to your aircraft with ease. Many customers who fly private prefer not to be seen and require a certain level of anonymity when traveling. In addition, having your own aircraft grants you the ability to discuss personal or business matters without the worry of strangers listening to your conversation. The entire aircraft is yours to enjoy with your chosen guests and without the worry of being interrupted.

Access and Convenience

Private Jets provide access to over 5,000 airports within the U.S as opposed to only 500 airports utilizing commercial airlines. This means that you are able to land much closer to your final destination and access rural and regional areas where commercial flights either do not operate or do not have direct flights to, meaning you will have to spend more time at the airport with a connecting flight.

Private Jet Charter allows you to fly at your leisure. The convenience to arrive at your aircraft 15 minutes prior to departure without the worry of any delays is one of the most appealing features of flying private. On-Demand Jet Charter means you fly when you need and want to with total convenience.

Private Jet Travel is here to stay

We are in a new era of travel and Ex Jets remains as one of the most trusted providers of Private Jet Travel.

We have dedicated ourselves to serving our clients needs and providing only the most premium aircraft solutions worldwide along with the utmost attention to detail for every trip.

With new customers joining our OnDemand and Membership solutions daily, we are uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality service with guaranteed Peace of Mind on every trip.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation and discover all of the benefits of

flying private with Ex Jets.



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